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1st-Nov-2010 07:34 pm - [33] Koki gifs xDDDD
Hi Minna-san ^^
After long break I made some gifs again xDD Unfortunatelly nothing changed, cuz as always I haven't too much time. But I promised I make some Koki's gifs for his Bday xDDD And here they are =3333 It's little early, but I won't have time to make this entry for 5 days, that's why I do this today xDDD Hope you like them^^ They're not perfect, cuz I hadn't too much time to find a lot funny scenes, but I hope they're not that bad^^"
Jaaa, here they are ~ xDDD

[33] Koki's gifs

More??^^ Kochi kochii...Collapse )
9th-Oct-2010 11:17 pm - My Kame mascot <3 xDDD

Hiiiiiiiiiiii Minna-san xDDD
Finally, finally, FINALLYYYYYYYY I finish my Kame mascot XDDD Yattttaaaaa \(^o^)/
I have been making him for two months ^^" I mean two weeks I've been making nothing, then I was sewing for one day, and the next two weeks of nothing ^^" Pola is sooooooo LAZY xDDD I spend a lot of my time to make him and also I used my mom's time to sewing him xDDDD Pola can't sew on a sewing machine T_T
Pola is also perfectionist ^^ I always need a lot of details^^" It's also one of the reasons of making him for so long xPP
Demo, before I start to adore my mascot *yeah, again 100% of modesty, nee xDDD*, I'd like to thank erime for inspiration xDDD Thanks to her, I start to dream about my own mascot^^ Check her Lj to see plushie JinJin =333
And my dear bunny_alice for motivation xDDDD Bunny-chan is soooooo fast with making mascots, I'd like to be like her =333  Check her Lj for Maru mascot and Chibi Kame and others (=^^=)

My Chibi Kame version with BtR "Rescue" costume^^ *w/o glasses*:
It's a scan of project I drew in less than 5 minutes ^^"  Again laziness xDDD It's hard to connect being lazy with perfectionism xPP But not for Pola xDDD Hahahha ^^

See Mascot <333Collapse )
3rd-Oct-2010 10:55 pm - [29] Uepi Gifs xDDD
Hi Minna-san !!! xDD
That,s me=33 With [29] only Uepi gifs like I promised last time xDDD With him, cause it's special occasion xDDDDD

OTANJOUBI OMEDETOUUUUU TATCHAN!!! xDDDDDDD *Pola-chan's hugggggggg* <33333
These gifs are my small purezuento for him and all Ueda fans xDDD Hope you like then, as much as my previous gifs with boys XDDD
Jaaaa, here they are~ Dozouuu~~

[29] Uepi gifs ^^


More Uepi HERE <3333Collapse )
Hi Minna-san XDDD
Today, I made a lot of Chibi Kat-tun gifs and also (not connected with Kat-tun) some Kaichou wa Maid-sama gifs ^^ I love that anime, and especially Usui-kuuunnnn~ <3333 *gomen, ne Kame I love you too <333* Thanks a lot to my dear friend hei_mei XDD You were big motivation for to make these KwMs gifs ^^ *hugs* Hope you and all my dear visitors like them as much as Kat-tun gifs XDDD
But before you started to enjoy them, please sing together to my precious friend and also your friend hamaocha  :

Kyaaaa~ OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU!!! *hugs and chuuuu*

Dear, I wish that all your dreams come true, that every day will be full of sunshines and smiles (hugs and chuuu as well XDD), happiness in life and love <333, I wish you'll be able to see our boys LIVE someday*__* With those wishes I'd like to also thank you for your all lovely arts and all comments, which make me happy anytime I see them XDD I'm totemo ureshii I'm your firend XDD
*a lot of hugs and chuuuuu*

Jaa XDDD Gifs are here(((b^^)b Dozou, Dozou~


[37] Chibi Kat-tun Gifs XDD

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14th-Sep-2010 09:42 pm - [46] Kat-tun's CM gifs XDD Part 2^^
Konbanwa Minna-san ^^
Like I said, I'm coming with the second part of Kat-tun CMs gifs ^^ Kyaaaaa...... I'm so excited, because there will be a lot of melting, drooling and bleeding XD So many gifs are with Koki, Jin and Kame XP You have to also know that I never know with whom and in what quantity I'lll make the gifs XP


Jaa, dozou ~~
Please click ME (^w^)Collapse )
14th-Sep-2010 03:10 am - Meme ~~^^
Got tagged bychuckles0505
1st: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any questions that you dislike with a new, original question.
2nd: Tag eight sexy people. And if you're not tagged and you want to do it, then do!!

Favorite song right now: Fujita Maiko "Mienai Tsuki" ^^ Beautiful song with great angelic voice<3 It's sad song, but I'm not sure about what that song is. There isn't any eng translation T_T Maybe someday I'll decide to translate it ^^
Last album bought/downloaded: Fujita Maiko "Futari no Kare", because of "Mienai Tsuki" song^^
Things that are super-annoying at the moment?:  It's very lateXP (2:20 a.m.) But I don't want to go sleep because I want to do some things yet :(
You're addicted  to (this period) : Of course, Kat-tun (all the time), Lj and everything connected with Japan XD
Who was the very first j-boy/man you fell for?: Hihihihiihihihihih................. Ikuta Toma XD Kyaaaa.... I still love him of course^^ But Kat-tun boys are before him, now *Gomen, ne Toma-kun ;_;*
Your favorite drama?:  Tatta Hitotsu no Koi and 1PG XD Hai, Kame, you won XDDD <3

Last person you spoke to?:
Your favorite icecream flavor?: Straciatella XD Wanna eat icecream nowT_T But I'm ill T_T
Guiltiest Pleasure??: I had to clean the flat today, but I preferred to sit on the net XD
Favorite clothes?: That question can kill XD Maybe :leggins, shorts, white shirt, sweater vest, boots and red scarf *today set*XD
If you could kill any animal what whould it be and why?: I don't want to kill any animal ;_; But I could kill insects, I kill all mosquitoes :/
Yesterday, one small bit me in the forehead XD It's not funnyXD He's dead now >XD
Worst drama you've ever seen?:  Binbo Danshi. I saw only first ep. There are more of dramas I've seen only first ep, but don't even remember the titles XD

Best way to relax?:   Sleeping XD
Are there any bits of childhood that you miss??:  Not thinking about the problems^^
Spring,Summer,Winter or Fall?Spring, especially May with a lot of the Lily of the Valleys XD
Say this to the person who tagged you: Thanks you so much for tagging me XD It's first time I was tagged XD Made me so happy^^ I think this questionnaire is a great opportunity to find out more about our friendsXD And also I want to thank you, dear for use my stuff and credit^^ I'll do my best to make more stuffXD Please wait for themXD *hugs*

Jaa, I have to tag now, ne XD (I didn't tag those who I know, they were tagged before, gomen ne^^)

Like I said above^^ I think this questionnaire is a great opportunity to find out more about our friendsXD
And one more thing^^
Today, 14th Sept I'm going to add second part of Kat-tun's CMs gifs^^ Please wait for them XD
11th-Sep-2010 04:55 pm - [47] Kat-tun's CMs gifs XDD Part 1^^
Konnichiwa Minna-san XD
I'm coming with big pack of gifs again:P And I have to say this is only the first part of that gif's series^^ The second part I hope I'll make at the begging of the next week^^ I'll do my best to make them fast XD Jaaa, I wanted to make some/a lot funny gifs with boys (as alwaysXD) but this time not from CKT's episodes ( of course it doesn't mean I don't make them anymore^^ Of course I'll do^^). Saa, this time I made gifs from different Kat-tun's CMs XD There a lot of them, so I have a lot of materials to making gifs XD That's why this is the first part, hope you like them as usual XD
Btw. As always huge hugs and a lot of kisses for you all Minna-san for all comments and credits (b^^)b (^^d) =*
They're make me so happy<3

NOTE: At the end of this entry one important thing!!!:)


Jaaa, [47] gifs here XD Douzo, douzo~~

Click Click d(^^d)Collapse )
2nd-Sep-2010 06:39 pm - Kyaaaa... [39] Nakamaru GIFS^^
Hi Minna-san ^^
Today I'd like to share with you a big pack of Nakamaru gifs^v^ Our boy has a birthday in two days\(^o^)/ And maybe it's more present for Maru fans (and not only) than for Nakamaru himself, but in that way I'd like to celebrate his birthday (=^^=) Hope you don't mindXDDD

Jaa, 39 gifs for you are here, dozou~~
Hope you like them like my previous gifs (n_n*) And also thank you so much for your all comments^^ I love them



[39] Nakamaru Yuichi gifs
Dozou~~^^Collapse )
Konnichiwa Minna^^
Today some random photos and just a little my bubbling XDDD So nobody knows I'm so in love with turtlesXDD Kame as Kame of course I love so much too, but I fall in love with small, cute and sweet turtles (and  with everyting that looks like turtle) long time age XDD
So I want to show my small ( very small:P) colletction:D

Want see?!^^Collapse )
Hi hi hi Minna^^
Yay... it's me with big pack of gifs again^^ Smaller than last time, but if we're talking about gifs '38' is also a big number^^
Sooo... this time I made gifs with our lovely, handsome and cute boys (Yeah... I always made gifs with them so I don't know why I'm writing about it , gomen, ne? (^_^)'' The gifs are from CKT Ep. 10, 12, 107^^ Last time I said about making gifs from boys trips, but maybe I make them next or another time XP

[23] Smiling Athletes Competition
[06] 'Yorokobi no Uta' song LIVE
[09] Ashamed Kame^^


Click d(^^d)))Collapse )
Hey Minna-san^^
This day is coming faster than I think. Even me didn't expect I made 45 gifs in less than 2 days^-^
But it's thank to you, Minna-san*o*
It's a big pleasure for me^^  I'm really happy that you like my work^-^ I have a huge motivation to making a lot of new gifs^^ THANK YOU ALL~♥  KIsses~~chuuuu~~=*

And now is time for gifs^^ [45] ALL WITH JUNNO (some with Koki too XD) ^-^


Check It Out, Yo!Collapse )
Like I said in my last entry, this time I've made some gifs with boys^^ These are from Live Kaizokuban Concert I watched yesterday (and Cartoon Kat-tun ep. 73)^^ After that I fall in love with ~Le ciel~ (♥o♥) The song is... MEGA!!!^^  Jin's voice + Koki's rap = AMAZING Love it, love it, love ...(♥o♥) This song makes me so happy^-^
In 2006 boys were very skinny,  especially Kame and Koki (of course it's only my opinion, I know it's something normal in Japan), but now they're looks so much better /healthier^-^
BTW.  I'm going to sit for the JPLT in December^^ It'll be just  the lowest level - N5, but I've to do the first step^^ I hope I won't change my mind, because of too much work on my University, demo please wish me good luck^^ I'll do my best^-^
And now is time for gifs^^ here you are^^

[8] Jin
[4] Kame
[5] Maru
[2] Koki
[2] Ueda
[1] Junno
[2] Paring


Click ClickCollapse )
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