[44] Random gifs with Kat-tun, Kis-my-ft2's performances and other~ xD

Hi Minna~ <3
I know I had to make some gifs, almost one month ago, but Pola was really lazy last time *to making gifs* ^^" Gomen, nee~ But I found something new, I'd never thought I'll be doing it <3 I even remember there was a lot of times I said I would never start to making subs, timing, typesetting, correction, anything~ xD And now, yeah~ I'm doing all of it O.O I'm really werid lately ^^"" But it makes me really happy~ first I made some clips (Some = in total they lasts 1,5 hour long xD") to show them on my exposition during last convent, and people liked it so much xD They laughed a lot, and wanted to play my game xD We had a lot of fun, and I had such huge satisfaction <3 Great feeling <3

But coming back to the main theme of my entry xD Today I made a lot of gifs *like usual*xD  But for a change they're rather random^^ Exept 28 gifs of Kis-my-ft2's "Wakamonotachi" performance <3 OMG! I just fell in love with that boys <3 And Tama-chan~ Kyaaaaaaaa~ *I had to* He's really so cute boy <3 And such good actor, I would never said that Tama and Ren is the same boy O.O They're totally different character <3 *Except the scene which will be in the 8. episode of "Ikemen desu ne", for me during wishipering moment there's 100% of Tama-chan <333 *it killed me**...
Again coming back~ xD I just love that performance, it's such a full of happines and energy, so fresh~ and about us, young people <33
There's also some Kat-tun gifs *Chibies are soooo cute <3*, TaKazuko moments <3, and some cute/funny moment from dramas I'm watching and I like xD

Now, let's see what we have xD:
In total: 45 gifs <3

1. Chibi Jin is such a cutie <3                    2. Yay~~ Koki's head shoot xD                3. And the next being ctue <3

4, Cutie Maru forever <333                       5.                                                                 6.
7.  Helicopter <3                                        8. Buhahah xD                                           9. I love his rap part in WHITE *.*
10.  <333                                                     11.
   My the best paring in the world <33 TaKazuko <33333
12. OMG! I love Taisuke laughing like that xDD   13. <33

14.Gosh, so kawai <3                                15. <3                                                         16. La, la, la, Taisuke-chan forevaaa~

17. I told u I love that xD                           18. The best group moment <333             19.

20. Everyday I like this boy more <3        21. Senga yayyyyyyy~ \(^.^)/                    22. Nikaido <333

23. Yokoooooo~ xDDD                             24. My sweet baby of happiness <3            25.

26. OMG! *.*                                                 27. Bigger OMG <3 ***.***                    28. Hiro and his ass are so cute in the middle xD

29. My second lovely pairing <33                30.                                                              31

32.                                                              33.                                                               34.

35. The best one! I love that gif, and that boy even more <3 It's (He's) so perfect <3

36. All of them <3                                        37. How cute moves, Tama-chan <3         38.

39. Junpei's half-smile <3                            40. Hahah, papa's reaction xDD
From "Detective Conan"^^
41. *.* It's so sweeeeeet <3                      42. Shige is really adorable <3
From "Hanawake no Yon Shimai"
43. I just had to^^"""                                 44. I exploded of laughing on it xD
From "Real Clothes" <3

Jaa, that's all for today^^ As usual I just don't want to promise anything, but I think I'll add something else before my school starts^^" It will be propably again random gifs, maybe even more random *who knows*, almost for sure with Tama-chan and another members of Kis-my-ft2, and I still haven't made any gifs with Nissy O.O *how could I? T_T* Anyway, we will see xDD
For now, bye, bye Minaaaaa~
Take care and have colourful days <3
Love youuuu~ <3

Credits: jone_records , ourhour , kis_my_ft2 , and another... .

~Comments are veryyyyyy loved <3~
~Please, before you add me as friend, leave a comment^^~
~Credits no needed but also, very very loved <333~

[29] Kat-tun in Hey x3 gifs xD 'Run for you' performance <3

Hi Minna-san <3
I know I should come with another gifs today, but when I watched this performance od our boys, I just had to make those gifs <3 They looks so fresh, happy, and some kind as newborns <3 I'm so in love with that performance~ it's full in a lot of new movements, and their outfits are so awesome <3 I love black colour, and these kinds of costumes remind me 'Rescue' a little xD
Btw. Sorry I'm adding it so late ^^ I mean it's late for me, bcoz I started to make this gifs almost 7 hours ago O.O But I went out to the cimena *Harry Potter T_T why it had to end? T_T*, and I came back recently, so I couldn't finish them faster^^""
Anyway~ let's see what we have xD

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[37] Gifs from Coming Soon! performance, ping-pong playing + [10] Gifs with Koki's 'Anarchist'

Hi Minna-san ^^
Hisashiburii desu, nee~ But finally, I'm back after such a looong break^^ And today I'm coming with a huge bath of gifs xDD There's III parts of that^o^/ The first one is from Kat-tun's 'White' performance in Coming Soon! I love that performance, especially because the background was soooo awesome ^.^
The second one is from Music Japan's talk part, where our boys were playing ping-pong with girls from Perfume^^ A lot of cute and funny moment ^o^
And the last one, from the last-minute, some gifs from Koki's performance in Shounen Club xDD OMG! I so in love with his blond hairstyle ^^ It fits him very well <333

Sooo~ let's see what we can find here ~~~~
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In my time it's still 23th February ^^ So I'm not such late =333
I'm little sad, because I wasn't able to prepare something special for my BELOVED boy on his Bday, but anyway I'd like to post my own wishes for him <3333

Kame <333 Happy 25th Birthday <333

Please always keep going and be yourself <333
Be our Kame we love and support^^
I wish , your life will be full of only colorful days <333
Thank you for your hard work^^
You've already changed my life and in my heart will be always place for you <333
I will always support you, no matter when, no matter how^^
Thanks for you and the whole KAT-TUN I met a lot of amazing people <3
It's beautiful how some boys could connect thousands of people^^

And once again:
I love you <333

[52] gifs and [49] Screen Savers from NMP concert ^^

Hi Minna-san ^^
I'm here today *even though I should do it some day ago >.<* with gifs and SS's I had promised xD I know that some our LJ's friends already made NMP gifs^^"" But I think, our boys are never too much, nee xDD Besides that, I need gifs to show you, how the SS looks like xD It's not the 100% of similarity, cuz VirtualDub doen't want to work with me like I want to xPP *omg, my english sucks >.<*
So, today I made these gifs, and tommorow my school is starting T_T So from now, again I can't say when I'll make next bath of gifs or SS. I'd like to make some of them as Kame's Bday present, but I can't promise, so we will see <333 I'll just do my best:)

Jaa, here they are xD *Warning! A lot of kyaaing and nyaaing from Pola xP*
---> Screen Savers are under comments to gifs xDD *blue*
---> This time gifs have another size, it's 200x130 px ^^ I had to change it because of the size of the avi file^^
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[57] ShounenClub gifs xDD Performances and Kazuko-chan <33

Minna-san !!!
Ohayouuuu~ <33333
Hisashiburii desu, nee >.<
Gomen, I just hadn't time to make anything, and to write with anyone T_T Gomenasai, I had hard time with my exam's session. Luckly, I passed all of them, just without one. Physics..... I hate it >.< I already now, I can't manage with it, it's too hard, especially when my teacher thought she'll do verbal exam o_O From physics? Spoken?? YES.. TTT_TTT Bad reality... so my last chance to pass it is next week, I won't have too much time till that exam, but I can't stand more than month of learning, that's why I'm here today =3333
When I knew, in this SC's episode will be Kazuko-chan I was sure I have to make gifs with him xDD hihi xDDD Omg... his new alter ego is chooo cute xDD hihihi xDDD But anyway, let's see what I made xD

[57] Shounen Club gifs:

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Gomen, I wan't here such a long time, but my exam's session still is going on^^"" So really, I haven't too much time, to making anything or something T_T But as good Kat-tun's fangirl I have to keep up with everything xDDD I just couldn't wait to see our boys new PV xDD So luckly I found it hihihih <3333 And now, I'd like to share it with youuu <333

Here we go:

It's so awesome and kakkoi <333 I love these boys <333 At the beginning I was thinking it'll be so simple PV xDD But like you see effect is like a bomb xDDD They're so sexy <3333

Credit: Thanks for that awesome person who upload it <333
Unfortunately I don't know that person~ Hope, he/she doesn't mind I share it with another people^^ <333

Please support OUR boys <333 Be great HYPHENS and buy their new single xDDD I already did it with my friend xDD We cen't wait when it finally came xDD

That's all <333
Bye, byeee~

Ps: I come back next week propably xDD Please wait for me^-^ Love you, all <3333
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[51] Random funny Kat-tun gifs xDD and [3] KT's ScreenSavers <33

Hi Minna-san ^^
Gomen, I'm late some minutes ^^"" In my time is already 27th ^^"" Jaa~ I don't feel so good xDD Flu or something probably caught me finally ^^" But I'm really happy, I was able to done making this gifs xDD I missed for making funny gifs for all members xDD SO, as usual I hope, you like them xDD Today, I'm giving you a lot of cuteness, smiles and kakkoiness xDD A lot of Akame thanks to one video I found yesterday on youtube xDD It made me laughing so hard xDD But I'm stopping my bubbling and let's see what we have here xDD

[51] Random funny Kat-tun gifs

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[29] MS Special gifs xDD + [1] Test SCREEN SAVER xDD

Konbanwa Minna-san <333
Pola has Christmas break, so I'm coming back to making a lot of gifs xDD Hurayyy~ xDD I'm so so so happy xDD
Today I started from making gifs from yesterday performace xDD It was sooo awesome xDD I discovered *what isn't something new* that I can fall in love with this boys, everytime I see them xDD The became part of my life and I hope it never changes xDD

[29] MS Special gifs xDD
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1. Old meme ^^ 2. And one Organizational case xDDD

Hi Minna-san!!! xDD
First, I just wanna say:

Merry Christmas!!! \(^o^)/
or / and
Happy Holiday
!!! \(^0^)/ Minna-san <3333
Because of the winter, I also changed the apperance of my Lj xDD Hope you like it=333
1. One old MEME ^o^
I filled it in, few monthes ago, but I still remember about it ^^ I did it at my dear firends Ljs, and I said I'm going to do it, as well xDD So here we are ^^ But there are some changes xPP I didn't like some from these 28 things, so I changed them xDD The changed questions I pointed by ' * ' xDD So let's start =333
And one more thing^^""" Like with gifs, I left some comments next to some questions ^^""" Gomen, nee~ xDD

~YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I want to know 28 things about you. I don't care if we've never talked, never really clicked, or if we already know everything about each other. I really don't. You are obviously on my flist, so let me know with whom I'm friends!~

1. Your Middle Name:
2. Age:
3. Single or Taken:    //
4. Favourite Film:
5. Favourite Song or Album:
6. Favourite Band/Artist:     // Kat-tun?? Oh, really~ hihihi <3333
7. Dirty or Clean:
*8. Tattoos and/or Piercings (Do you have some?):
*9. Do we know each other outside of LJ?  // Propably not ;( But we can became friends on FB xDD
10. What's your philosophy on life?
11. Is the bottle half-full or half-empty?
*12. Would you keep a secret from me if you thought it was in my best interest? // I don't like this question, cuz it's hard, so let's skip it xDD
*13. What is your favourite memory of us? or Do you remebmer how we met first time? =33
14. What is your favourite guilty pleasure?
15. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you:
16. You can have three wishes (for yourself, so forget all the 'world peace etc' malarky) - what are they?
17. Can we get together and make a cake?
18. Which country is your spiritual home?
19. What is your big weakness?   //Except Kat-tun? xDD
20. Do you think I'm a good person?
21. What was your best/favourite subject at school?
*22. Describe your accent: How many languages do you know? Which level? xDD
*23. If you could change anything about me, would you? How long are you interested in Japan / japanese entertainment / Kat-tun?
24. What do you wear to sleep?
25. Trousers or skirts?
26. Cigarettes or alcohol?
27. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together? (If you have no idea, just say something crazy, it'll entertain me!)
28. Will you repost this so I can fill it out for you?

SO, that's all xDD Hope it's not too much xPP
2. Btw. my dear friends, if I'll be able to I add one more entry today, if not, I'll do it tommorow xDD It will be very important for me =333 Why? Because I improved something ^^ Something I haven't seen yet, anywhere, but maybe I'm wrong xPP
Anyway~ I'm making something like gifs xDD But they're .... bigger??? xDD
I mean ~ SCREEN SAVERs xDDD But, hmmm~ it's working on my laptop~ but the only signle screen saver. I wanna do something like Screen Saver which is 'SlideShow with different short videos', but this way is wrong^^"" Anyway, single screen saver is working so we can use it xDD
But more details, I'm going to put in my next entry ^^ It will be Test Entry which will be checking is it will be working on your comuters, too, Minna-san xDD Hope, you will be waiting for this =333
And btw. I'm not goona stop to making a gifs xDD Cuz I love it, and my phase of the Cartoon Kat-tun came back xDD hihihi xDDD

Jaa, bye, bye for now <333
Love you alll <333333

Hhahaha xDD I forgot to ask something xDD Have you already heard about new Kat-tun's single?? xDD Uwahhh~ It was great purezento for me on this Christmas xDD Of course, that information just killing again my dead pocket xDD But like I said, for our boys everything, nee~ =333 I already know, I'm going to buy this single, for sure the version with Dvd <333 I bought CUW with making of, and I felt in love with watching it in perfect version ^^"""" Yeah, I'm propably addicted ^^"" So, except new single, I still have dilema to buy KT dvd with concert >.< It's 70$!!!! ANd there are still 2 different versions of that T_T SO even if I decided to buy it, I still don't know which version T^T Johnny, can you see what are you doing with me?? And the calendar in March >.< Ehhhh~ but it's good I have Bday in February xDD So I'll make my family to help me with buying it hahahha >DDDD *evil* Okay, that's all what I wanna say hihihi <333
Once again Merry Christmas and I love you all <333 *hugggg*
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